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Somewhere here earlier, I did a poll of E93 owners that were/weren't motorcycle riders. It wasn't really conclusive to say whether most E93's were operated by motorcyclists. But there were quite a few. It's a real unscientific poll, at any rate.

My experience is different from yours in that I've never driven an E90 or E92. I went straight into a E93 without even driving one before; so my opinion is tempered by not having experience in the lighter models.

I've done about a dozen motorcycle Track Days and partially went into a amateur racing...but stopped after the expenses began mounting. And I've owned 15 bikes over the years with lots of miles.

Since March 2012 when I brought my E93 home from Germany, I've ridden both of my current motorcycles twice each. I just don't care about them as much. The convertible is absolutely fantastic, as much a blast and a frakking riot as the sport bike. I've done three track days with the E93 in 2012. And the concern about crashing...hmmmm. If you go "off" with a motorcycle at > 30 mph, you're most likely going to pay out the ass for repairs. I've seen people go off in their M3's at that speed and do $0.00 damage. It's that four-wheels-stability thing.

On my last track day, my E93 was 100% stock as-delivered. I was keeping up with and passing a few of the other intermediate-class E90's and E92's. And I actually feel the car is better with the top-down because it gives just a little bit more weight to the back-end for my style of cornering.

So, 400 pounds... who cares, really? If it adds 2.00 seconds to your time at the track, or 4.00 seconds. So? What you want is to be able to hear that amazing engine, have the wind blowing around you, and breathing-in the scents...

My only advice to you: since you've driven one style already (a lot); go test drive a E93 for a dozen miles or so. That way you will limit the buyer's remorse.

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