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Issue with Shop..please help

I went to a muffler shop down in Tampa and they took off my muffler and put in new piping and some tips.. Basically the muffler delete. Paid him with Credit Card Luckily.
It sounded good and I drove off and went to work. Next day I told my buddy about what I did and he asked me" Did you cut your bumper for the exhaust?" Confused, I told him um no that cut out is from the factory. (330i single sided exhaust)... I went and looked to find out that the tips had touched the actual bumper. I was mad and called him. He said to come in and we will adjust it. Went in the next day or so and he adjusted and then gave me a "office" number to call to see what they would do about my bumper...

Called office, nothing, so i left message. Next day guy calls me and i tell him what happened. He ask me: 1.what car I had, 2. What happened, 3. If i had any other mods on the car? then he said he would call me in 5 mins... Never called back. a week later i called him and he basically said ... Shit happens... He said that my guys are pros and they didnt lean it up against the bumper.. He said that he wont do anyhting for me. I also told him that Im in college and ive worked hard to get this car as ive fully paid in cash for it that ive saved up for a long time..

He says " I was young too once and I cared about little things, But once you grow up you'll get over the little scrathches and dents" That set me off He kept feeding me bs lines, i finally asked are you going to fix my bumper? he said no... are you going to send my bumper to get fixed? he says no... I said fine ill hand this over to my lawyer and he said thats fine...

Pretty mad, more upset right now as to how they can do this..

Any suggestions???

06 330i SGM