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Originally Posted by MisterSkiMask View Post
I assure you it matters very little when your coefficient of friction is at or close to zero if your car weighs 3700lbs or 3800lbs.

I have not driven the new M5 (I don't like to plant those seeds in my head until I am ready to buy), but the V-10 in the E60 was absolutely fantastic, the chassis was great too for such a large car. The only thing that let it down was SMG, fuel economy was terrible but I could have forgiven that.
I agree but a Honda Accord(3200lb) or Lexus ES(3500lb) vs a 550xi(4400lb) or S6(4300lb) is a huge difference. That was my point.

Smart man not planting that seed. Some times test drives can lead to buying the wrong car. I almost bought the C63 AMG but relized its not the right car for day to day.