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Steering wheel funky discoloration

600 miles on my 2013 M3 and I notice this strange discoloration on the airbag cover on the steering wheel; almost like some sort of fading action going on. I'd take a picture of it but I dropped it off for the first service this morning. First thoughts, could I have potentially used some sort of abrasive cleaner on it but no, just a moist microfiber towel to pick up the dust. My loaner is a 2012 328 coupe and guess what, it has the same fading/discoloration going on too.

Anyone else with a 2013 seeing this? I'm pretty sure I'm losing HP because of it. I talked to my SA about it and we're waiting to hear back from the shop foreman.

Here's a pic of the loaner I had which has the exact same discoloration. The dealer replaced mine under warranty.
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