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Originally Posted by rantarM3 View Post
Any insight on the difference between the Stoptech 355 and Racing Brake 360 front kits? And compared to just the Racing Brake rotors with OEM calipers?
I spent a lot of time researching brake options before deciding. I had discovered RB before it was announced here reading up on their specs it seems to be a well designed kit properly sized e.t.c with the added flexibility of using the stock rotor, which no other kit does. However, RB lacks the BMW M3 exposure Stoptech has had with being a provider to racing teams like turner. Doing this has taught them a lot that you cannot learn otherwise. Also Stoptech is OE supplier for Alpina and I believe R&D Sport.

The 355 kit is possibly cheaper. See here: Most forum vendors will probably match and beat this price. RB:

So, IMO, the best value is the front ST-40 kit combined with stock rear brakes.

If you want to keep the stock rotor, which is really good and definitely much more tested than the RB rotors on an M3, you can give their calipers a try. I wouldn't go this way, because the rotor is the major component that absorbs the heat from braking. A caliper would just give you a better feel.