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Originally Posted by ecjohnston View Post
Ha, you have it better handled than most that I have talked to on the subject, so I think you are ahead of the curve. I bought new with the complete intentions of just driving it (yeah right haha) and having a car that was both fast and comfortable, needless to say, that didn't last long. You are correct, only thing I really ever have to do is put fuel in the thing, new tires and change the oil, other than that, it just goes. I refuse to go "cheap" just to be able to go fast and have to do it over again a few times. Not a problem, it's nice to talk to other people who understand it vs the people around me who think I'm insane.

What do you have for function built race cars if you don't mind me asking?
Exactly what I want. I agree on doing it right the first time even if it will cost an arm and a leg.

I've built a few over the years my 3 most memorable are an 06 Accord coupe that I built with the intention of "oh shit, did that accord just beat that m3?" lol, I sold it off a couple years ago and the new owners are actually competing in a couple series with it. Last I heard it broke the 2 minute mark around buttonwillow the other two I still own, an 87 Porsche 924s that I built to race in 944 spec (actually got my NASA competition license for that) but I unfortunately couldn't "make it" and paying out of pocket to keep competing was very expensive, a sponsor would have been nice. and my latest is a Porsche 928s built for fun at the track no serious competition. Its still completely built though (mainly for safety) this is my favorite track car to date, 450whp/tq in a 2600lb car