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Originally Posted by MrRetep View Post
I wouldn't say I have it well handled lol, I know what I want and I guess I'll just have to work on getting the details together, I plan on buying used (I never buy new) I'm still not sure which car I'll go with so I think my next steps will be to go out and test drive my options. Wow that's a considerable amount of money, but as the old saying goes "Fast, Cheap, Reliable pick two" I'm guessing yours falls under the fast and reliable category which is exactly what I am after. Thanks for letting me pick your brain!
Ha, you have it better handled than most that I have talked to on the subject, so I think you are ahead of the curve. I bought new with the complete intentions of just driving it (yeah right haha) and having a car that was both fast and comfortable, needless to say, that didn't last long. You are correct, only thing I really ever have to do is put fuel in the thing, new tires and change the oil, other than that, it just goes. I refuse to go "cheap" just to be able to go fast and have to do it over again a few times. Not a problem, it's nice to talk to other people who understand it vs the people around me who think I'm insane.

What do you have for function built race cars if you don't mind me asking?