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E92 Coupe to E93 Convertible?

I bought my 2008 E92 Alpine White Coupe about 4 months ago with about 44K miles on it. At the time, I was really looking for a convertible but I got a steal on this coupe. I absolutely love my coupe, but living in NC comes with some pretty solid weather. This past weekend it was 75 degrees and I found myself kind of wishing I had a convertible again.

So today I was tooling around on the interwebs and found a 2008 Silverstone Metallic convertible with only 12K miles on it at a nearby dealer. I have plans to look at the car here in a few hours, but from what I see online, it does have a few less options. I think it lacks PDC, Carbon Trim, Extended Novillo Leather, 19" wheels, and maybe comfort access. I can't recall what's included in what packages, but I know it does have the Tech package. My E92 has cold weather, tech, and premium. Not sure about this one until I see it.

I know the convertible is about 500lbs heavier (both are 6 speed manuals btw) and all the major magazine reviews said it lacks a bit of the control and feel of the coupe because it's heavier and lacks the rigidity when the roof is down. Even when up, because it doesn't have the CF roof, it still handles differently.

I just got back from the 2 Day M school and I asked the instructors if the average person (like me) would notice the difference in terms of handling and they said most likely not, especially if I don't track the car. That being said, I'm I crazy for wanting to move from coupe to convertible? Overall comments/thoughts?