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A few more tricks I learned...

In using the splitter to remove the central hub, you are basically using the lug threads to push against the splitter. Though you can use the lug bolts, they will be too short. So I used the bolt from one of the aluminum suspension struts (the rear/bottom one, which is easy to remove) and the shock lower bolt. I actually removed both rear/bottom aluminum suspension struts, since they are pretty easy to remove/install. They are long enough. Using my electic impact wrench made it fast--just a short burst, keeping it even, and the central hub comes out straight away.

If you remove the lower sway bar connector (it is connected to the outer hub assembly), make sure you put it back on before you pile drive the axle into the central hub. The bolt is too long to install it after the axle is in. But, if you forget, just Dremmel about 1/4 inch off the end of the bolt and you'll be fine. It'll barely fit.

I ended up buying a tap and die kit, and I cleaned out (rust and junk) from all of the threads on the outer hub assembly. Some bolts are going out/in several times, and having clean threads makes it easier.

When muscling out the bearing (and muscling it back in), put the floor jack underneath the outer hub assembly to keep it from moving around too much. To get the bearing out, I basically had to stand on the big crescent wrench.

And finally, remember to install the retaining clip immediately after the bearing is installed into the outer housing (also, don't forget to take out the retaining clip when removing the bearing). If you forget, you basically have to tear everything apart.