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Originally Posted by Angerman View Post
what's your spending limit. And are you trying to build a race car or buy a race car
Neither I really wouldnt call it a race car as I don't want to gut it and throw a cage in it. ( i already have a couple of those anyway lol) I just want a car that gets me into super car performance territory without the super car prices. I would say I don't have a set limit just yet as I don't know what direction i'm going. But for the platform I would say 50-60k should get me a nice used (I never buy new) example of anything I can turn into what I want. Something like that I could live with, especially if I follow my plan of building it over a couple years instead of all at once like I usually do.

Originally Posted by ecjohnston View Post
Sounds like you got it all pretty well handled then. Yes, the creature comforts are nice and the GTR certainly has enough of them, though having the 3 to take on a longer trip is also nice since even with the sport suspension it feels like riding on a cloud after that thing haha. As my old man always told me, "He who dies with the most toys wins." so that's where I'm going as well. AMS is always a solid choice, it's who I have always had do any work on my previous cars; they know exactly what they are doing and aren't scared to tell you that they need to bring in somebody else for certain things.

I honestly don't know how much I'm into the thing at this point, and, in all honesty, I don't know if I would want to know either. Between buying the car new, and upgrading in stages, where some parts had to be purchased more than once (injectors for example) I wouldn't be overly surprised if I'm like $150-170k in at this point. If we ever happen to be in the same place and I have the car, you may certainly go for a ride.
I wouldn't say I have it well handled lol, I know what I want and I guess I'll just have to work on getting the details together, I plan on buying used (I never buy new) I'm still not sure which car I'll go with so I think my next steps will be to go out and test drive my options. Wow that's a considerable amount of money, but as the old saying goes "Fast, Cheap, Reliable pick two" I'm guessing yours falls under the fast and reliable category which is exactly what I am after. Thanks for letting me pick your brain!