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Originally Posted by SYZ
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- never punch your car from a dead stop !! This will cause a semi launch and not to mention it will cause a glaze spot in all your odd gears!
Who ever has done this will notice that every time you shift into 3rd 5th and 7th you will get a jerky shift . Well that's from punching it in 1st at a dead stop.
Always use launch control ! Or.... Take off from a roll while the clutch is engaged.

Follow these steps and you will experience long clutch life

I personally put 22k miles on my clutch and over 100 launch controls at the drag strip and all was fine until my last drag strip event .....
I couldn't use launch control cause I couldn't hook for shit due to the cold weather so I would punch it off the line ( failed to take my own advice ) which caused this glazed spot in all my odd gears. The clutch never slipped even after all this but it did make my shifting jerky which drove me crazy so I ended up putting a new clutch in and now the problem is solved and my shifts are smooth as butter .
Overall I'm impressed with these cars on the amount of abuse they can take and it would have lasted a lot longer if I had only declined to punch it off the line or....... Had purchased a set of MT's which I then would have been able to utilize launch control and would have avoided this problem but hey .... Lesson learned !

I hope this will be helpful for you guys and gals!

Realistically, you were on borrowed time with 100 launches etc. I doubt that the one time of punching it at the strip unilaterally caused your issue. It was probably the straw that broke the camel's back, especially if you had been already heating up the clutches with earlier launches (it's unclear if you were using launch control earlier or how many launches by punching it you did).

I don't think that's what you intended to convey, but that's how it reads (to me anyway). Thanks for sharing your experience however; some people are too proud/embarrassed to disseminate this kind of info.

There are members here that went to the same track events I did and basically went down the strip just as many times as I did with the only difference being they were able to utilize launch control , either they had a line lock and were able to heat up their tires or had stickier tires .

If 2 visits at the drag strip & 100 launches broke the straw then Scott's ( 1SickM ) 4+ visits and over 300 launches must have raped the camel, took its skin and used it for headliner and floor Mat's