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Originally Posted by sonicbimmer19 View Post
Yes, Audi was basically non-existent in 80s and before. Technically their history does go back to 1909, but majority of it was as a defunct brand and a part of Auto Union which became Audi.
Audi was not an official brand until the mid 80's and their naming convention, eg. A4, A6, etc started in the 90s.
I see Audi in the same level as Lexus. Sure, they are luxury brands and share the market with Mercedes-Benz and BMW but I don't see them as equal to Mercedes-Benz or BMW.
Actually, the first modern Audi to be sold under the 'Audi' brand was the 1968 Audi 100. Around the same time, Auto Union was renamed Audi AG. But it was still the same company, and it has been making cars continuously since the early 1900s.

In comparison, the first modern BMW was the 1962 BMW 1500. Older cars like the Isetta and 700 had very little in common with modern BMWs. Most people don't even know that in the first 20 or so years after Word War II, BMW was primarily known as a manufacturer of economy cars.

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