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Originally Posted by E92///M3 View Post
Please don't mention the 911. i'd get it if it didn't look so ugly in MY OPINION.
Depends on what you want. If you care for comfort, luxury, space, and practicality, get the M3. If not, get the Cayman if you want. Personally I don't like Porsche at all. Any of them. A bunch of overpriced Volkswagens. Yeah, Porsche makes good cars, but they're not even remotely good enough to justify the outrageous price, both the base price and the cost of options.

Think about it this way. For the price of a brand new Cayman S (without even any overpriced options), you can get a slightly used GT-R or C6 Z06 or Camaro ZL1 or even Boss 302 Mustang. Now THAT is performance. Get one of these cars and you'll be playing with the big boys in ferraris and lambos on the track. Or you blow off your money on that Cayman, and get to enjoy the precise steering feel and balanced chassis up until the moment you're forced to give the point by to a teenage kid who totally smokes you in a 10 year old civic or evo that probably cost a fifth of the money you paid for the cayman.