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Originally Posted by PKizzle View Post
Well put! Also look at Montoya and Jacques Villenueve. JPM was a race winning driver in F1...even considered the next big thing in F1 at one time...and JV is a F1 WDC. If F1 driving is as superior as the other poster seems to think...then these guys should have just walked into NASCAR and demolished the good 'ol boys. JPM has had only mediocre success even after all these years and JV wasn't able to do squat.

-And this is coming from someone who has not missed an F1 race in the last 10 years and has barely even watched a full NASCAR race. But having read up a bit on NASCAR, and seeing these so called F1 greats least I know enough to not trivialize it.
Sorry to tell you this but JV lucked into his championship and JPM never accomplished squat in F1. Those 2 guys are barely even average at best. Hardly the cream of the F1 crop. If it was a Schumacher, Vettel, Alonso, or Hamilton, or even Raikkonen, they would have done much better.