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My Headlight DIY Modification and the Journey

Well, work is finally slowing down enough for me to enjoy some hobbies again. On the chopping block right now are the ugly stock and chromed out headlights. I should have taken more pics of the headlight and bumper removal, but its fairly straight forward.

Well here's the first of the headlights. The outer shroud is actually vinyl wrapped in the vinyl I'm wrapping the car with. For those of you that hate the matte colors, heres one for ya. Its a matte charcoal metallic! Its as close to a frozen color as I've seen It looks amazing.

Anyway. I'm slow, but will update with pics as often as time allows. I'll also give some explanation of the work thats been done.

In this pic its just the new AE's are laid on top of the OEM ones and the outer shroud is vinyl wrapped. Nothing super complicated yet.

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