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Originally Posted by Team Plutonium View Post
I'm all for tougher gun control, but this is ridiculous. So lets sell all "high capacity" mags to folks in other states... f@cking retarded.
I'm sure all the killers from DC would be happy to buy them.

Originally Posted by Seminole View Post
If anyone is looking to sell their PX4 Storm mags I'll buy them from you

This won't do anything to curb crime unfortunately. And when it doesn't work the answer won't be to revisit the laws and see why the don't work, it will be to ban guns even further.
That is the goal.
Originally Posted by e92oholic View Post
Now the lawsuits start because what they did was illegal
True, we'll see how those shake out.
Originally Posted by ChaneRZ View Post
Manufacturers would make/modify magazines for New Yorkers. That would be crazy.
They already do it in Cali... 10rd.

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