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Videos from recent PBOC Winterfest

Well...the lack of E9X's was staggering. There was one other and it was an E92.

The PBOC in Florida runs a 5 day long event ever winter at Sebring called Winterfest. Within PBOC there's a run group called SuperSolo (trademarked) and it allows open passing with no point by.

The group is dominated by GT3's and GT3RS....a sprinkle of 993's and 996 Carreras....then me.

Take a look at some video from this run group. It will make youthen then thenthen. It's really all over the place and probably like nothing you've ever seen at a DE.

Me in the E90 M3

Fastest lap I've been able to video....I timed other with iDrive at 2:28

Now for the craziness...this is in a GT3RS 4.0. Watch me almost get rearended at 6:55. By who? The guy in the next video.

This guy is ....well.....

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