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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
The most populus areas of NY state are literally walking distance from other states. It's just dumb.
Yes, they are basically saying you can take a piss in that end of the hot tub, but not in this end. That'll keep the tub nice and clean for everyone.

It is a pretty silly rule that wont accomplish much of anything at all. Reminds me a lot of NY's "cola" law, which allows anyone to buy 10 small cokes and drink them all in a row, but you can't buy a big gulp size coke and drink it all at once. I guess putting 10 times the waste into a landfill while you become obese is fine?

Although, having said all that, I'm not entirely clear on how this constitutes the death of the 2nd amendment.

I'm fairly certain the 2nd amendment contains no qualifiers to the effect that the arms which you have a right to bear, must have magazines which hold not less than 10 rounds, or something to that effect.

Yes, a bullet database would enable the gov to figure out who has a gun, how is that a violation of any rights conferred by the 2nd amendment? It's hard to imagine that the phrase "well regulated" really meant that the founding fathers were hoping that the accrual of weapons would become an uncontrolled free for all, intentionally designed to be impossible to monitor or measure at any level.

Of course, nowadays, any IT geek at Walmart's or Visa's head office can search the database for card #'s and names of people who've bought ammo in the last 10 years quite easily, and what kind they bought, and probably map who has what guns more accurately than any government agency can, regardless of legislation. If you are concerned about privacy and freedom, the enemy is Google & Facebook, not Uncle Sam. (unless you are one of those doomsday preppers who lives totally off the grid, and buys everything with cash).