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Originally Posted by SE3P_to_E90 View Post
A bit off topic, but can anyone PM me some recommendations for a decent watch winder? Preferably, something that winds 2 watches but can hold a couple more - and doesn't cost an arm or a leg. Any links will be appreciated. Thanks!
After quite a bit of research (willing to spend enough, but not a ridiculous amount of $), I decided to buy a Brookstone double watch winder online. This is one of those products that is sold by "one of those companies" that most people say "Wow you're an idiot for buying a watch winder from Brookstone." (and I generally NEVER buy anything from there, I don't like the store). But I've had it for about a year, I've never had any problems, it has several speed settings so that you won't under/overwind your watches needlessly as long as you look up which setting is appropriate for the watch, and it looks nice.