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Would it be wrong to assume that this car can adjust the bias essentially "as it sees fit"?

OP, you might want to look into the new Racing Brake front only BBK option.

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It's really a matter of your preference and your car set up. For example, the type and size of your tires can affect the amount of grip available at an axle and therefore change the "optimal" brake balance.

In most cases, running the BBK's default pad in the front and stock rear pad would be fine, assuming the coefficient of friction of the front pad isn't significantly different than stock. I know both StopTech and Brembo front kits work fine with stock rear pads.

The weights of the Brembo 380 and 365 rotors are actually very similar. Remember, the brake disc is not a solid piece of metal.

How much bias you have on a particular axle is based on, among many things, the size of the rotor and the size of the pistons. Think of it as turning a wrench. To create the same amount of torque, you can have a shorter wrench with a stronger arm; or a longer wrench with a weaker arm.

The same principle applies to brakes. The 365 kit has larger pistons than the 380 kit to offset the rotor diameter difference.
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