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Originally Posted by Powerbeast View Post
Nice pair!
Thanks! I've always loved your car, Dakar yellow such a great color

Originally Posted by Rob@StrasseForged View Post
WOW, they both look great!!
Thanks for the compliment. Congrats on your new ride!

Originally Posted by And1M3 View Post
I wonder which one is the bad twin. I bet it the E92 with the 1m bumper. But anyways both car looks great.
Surprisingly I've yet to run afoul of the law!

Originally Posted by ottoblotto View Post
Jesus bananatotin christ. When I had a room mate, the only thing we shared was a deodorant stick and that was completely unintentional.

Shit those are some nice cars...
LOL! who says we share our cars?

Originally Posted by rjd598 View Post
you can afford superchargers but you have a roommate?
There are a lot of things I can afford, but I choose to have a roommate. I love living with one of my best friends. Plus, what was I going to do with a three car garage all to myself?

Originally Posted by img View Post
Both cars look amazing man.
Your car is an inspiration

Originally Posted by bmwtech13 View Post
Thanks for posting roomie
Go start your own thread!

Originally Posted by Roman@ESS View Post
Great looking cars
Thanks for the great product and support!

Originally Posted by Sal@AUTOcouture View Post
Sick shop and sick car. I LOVE ACM

Originally Posted by Eurotoy View Post
I would love to see the looks when this caravan passes innocent bystanders lol, both are beautifully modified. Congrats.
Unfortunately we usually only take one car when we go out. So they're not seen together too often. I guess its more a treat for our neighbors haha. We had a noise complaint called on us when we installing the superchargers. The officers jaw dropped when he saw our garage, we probably spent more time talking about our cars and garage than we did about the noise issue haha

Originally Posted by david @ eas View Post
Great cars! You must love the friendly roommate competition :P
I love it but its making me go poor!