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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo
Originally Posted by img View Post
Mike you were the only person who brought up PG when you said he
refused to put your results in the database. I said I'd ask him
and any response will be made public not private. I'm trying to
help you so quit PMing me and calling me names.
I never came in any of your threads and disrespected you or your product so start giving respect to get it mike.
You said you'd ask him and then you asked me if the response should be made public not private. I said to FORGET it. Then you continued to carry on. Then I PMed you and asked if you wanted me to delete the post where I said he wouldn't post my dynos. I explained to you that I received a response from him on everything else but never on that topic. Not PMing you and calling you names. I simply said that some people (such as m33) like to talk trash for no reason.

You never came in any of my threads and disrespected me, and I never disrespected you. So can you please just leave me alone and move on since were arguing about absolutely nothing? Thanks.
Fair enough Mike. Thx !