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Originally Posted by MediaArtist View Post
Are people really criticizing the turn signal stalk?

You know a car has done pretty good when someone has to go to that length.
I've see two pictures of the Corvette. (The two pictures in this thread) I could make a decent list of issues from those two interior shots. The turn signal stalk was an example of their thought and/or execution process. It hasn't changed in decades.

Kind of like Porsche's thinking when it comes to ignition placement, hasn't changed and was designed that way for a purpose. Sometimes, change is good....there are no more Le Mans starts! However, what they have done is update the buttons, switches, levers, etc... from the first beetle.

I can't imagine you would be thrilled about spending all that money on the RS to find it still has a 1985 Beetle turn signal stalk and interior buttons.

Again, the gripe isn't about the stalk itself. It's about them being ok with cutting corners like that. Because of this, speaking of interiors, they won't be on par with companies like Audi until they change that way of thinking. And don't talk to me about cost savings.... they have used the same suspension design for decades as well. And as someone else mentioned, a push rod motor. They're not throwing a ton of cash at R&D.

In short, for those lacking in reading comprehension, my post is about the manufacturer rather than what was manufactured.

Don't get me wrong, i can find gripes about all car interiors. The Audi A6 is horrible for the most part but they have a few glimmers of genius. The A3 i had my driving experience in was superb as well as the new TT. The 2012 911GTS is horrible for the most part. The gauge layout is among the best though. Mini Countryman is ok but some of the decisions they made are laughable. The interior in my 97JK Wrangler is actually very nicely laid out. Funny that it has the same turn signal stalk as the new corvette. But then it's a jeep, with removable top.... and doors.... The large buttons actually make sense in a off road vehicle.

One of the best interior layouts has got to be a SCREW F150. Albeit the fit and finish and material selection leave something to be desired but the layout is fantastic. I like the E92 interior pretty well but what has to be the best auto interior for everyday use with regards to fit and finish, layout, ergonomics etc... is the E46 M3. Simple and elegant without any shouting.

Edit: For the ignorant asses who make assumptions, i figured that i should add that i'm actually a Corvette fan. I really like them, they way the look, the way they sound and the general concept of the car. However, my back ground is in Industrial Design and these details tend to jump out at me.
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