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Originally Posted by LarThaL View Post
Almost?? I think it, hands down, looks better than the 911. Next to the AM Vantage, it is one of the nicest looking coupes on the road today. Other than power, it a superior performance car in every way over the 911 and the M3. So....if you can live with a car that has two seats, less luggage space and is 0.5 seconds slower to 60mph, then Cayman all the way. if you can not, get the M3.
I think the 911, Aston and Cayman are prob the 3 best looking coupes on the market. They all have some features that are reminiscent of one another.

OP - Id go with the cayman over the m3 so long as the space or lack thereof in the cayman is ok for you. You WILL NOT find a better driver's car than a cayman at any price point nor handling. It has it all so long as space isnt a main point of concern.

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