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One cam is enough
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Originally Posted by minigearhead View Post
I think it is a bit ott with the scoops and vents, and think that the back looks hideous. Don't like the steering wheel either.
I'm not a fan of the vents all that much either, but that car done up right in black will take care of it.

Originally Posted by Malibu1 View Post
I am not sure about the tail lights. It needs more power though. 450 is lame.
Lame? Compared to what? 450 is plenty as a starting point.

Originally Posted by JoeyO View Post
I was watching an old episode of Top Gear yesterday, and they were reviewing the current C6. Hammond liked it but Clarkson walked right up to it and pointed out something surprising. With his hands he pushed the rear plastic bumper inwards and it deflected a good 2 inches. It was pathetic. It was just symbolic how cheaply the fit and finish is all over the car. Just like the interior plastic. They trashed that as well. Oh and the leaf spring suspension also. Clarkson said Kurt Douglas used a similar suspension setup while running his chariot around the track in Sparticus.
Watching TGUK and taking their auto commentary as gospel is kinda like watching MSNBC or Fox News and expecting to actually get the news.

Originally Posted by veloziROTHTOR View Post
well it's 50k, you gotta lose out somewhere. can't expect the build quality of a 911tt
Seems like a very simple concept lost on a lot of people here.

Originally Posted by Year's_End View Post
The interior just has to be passable. It's a fucking Corvette; you don't buy it so you can gawk at some trim bezels and diamond quilted leather.
Yeah first thing I thought when I saw the new interior was that I hope they didn't divert too many resources and add too much to the bottom line with it the way it was, because you'll now get hit either on the sticker or by resources having been diverted from performance oriented development to interior materials and design. It's a Vette, not a Roller.

Originally Posted by cuiter23 View Post
It is an improvement, but too supercar looking for what it actually is...
What is it actually then? What defines "supercar"? Performance? What cars are in the performance category of the C7 and its variants? I'll agree it lacks the exclusivity aspect, but it doesn't fall short in the performance category (C6), and I fully expect the C7 to exceed the bar set by its predecessor.

Originally Posted by Rowdy View Post
It is NOT a sports car (the americans still havent grasped that concept) it's just a muscle car. Loads of power in a flimsy chassis. Almost tractor like. Yes the LS series small blocks are great powerplants and 450hp is a solid output.. but I dont care for the sound.. the all new ford coyote motor spanks it for sound and engineering, too bad IT is saddled into that brutal truck.. called a mustang.

hopefully some day the american auto manufacturers will pull their heads out of their respective asses and build proper drivers cars..
The Corvette, not a driver's car...? Are you mad...? And like Jason mentioned, what about the BOSS? Have you had any serious seat time in either the Z06 or the BOSS?

Originally Posted by MediaArtist View Post
Are people really criticizing the turn signal stalk?

You know a car has done pretty good when someone has to go to that length.
Yes of course we are. What else would you be staring at, considering since you are on a BMW forum, you must already be able to handle the whole of the drivetrain and chassis, while stroking the dash with your face and licking your beautiful turn signal stalks, all the while turning 6 minute laps at the Ring using only your johnson to steer?

The comments about it being ugly or sounding like shit, etc... those are all normal and expected.... But the comments about it not being able to handle or questionable materials being used in a 50k car which runs with MUCH more expensive competition.... Not to mention that 450HP is seemingly "not enough" for the BASE version.... How many BMWs are there with even the power:weight of that base version....?

Looks great, specs are great, they've improved upon areas where it was highly maligned in the past.... Nothing to see here, just the evolution of an icon in the industry.... But OH THE STALKS, NOT THE STALKS!!!!!!!!