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Originally Posted by Porschefile View Post
That's no surprise... bikes can't go through the corners nearly as well. They haul ass on the straights, but don't have anywhere near the same cornering ability of a decent track car, even a street legal one.

But yeah, a sprint cup car would eat up a M3 on a road course in straights and corners and brake zones. I don't know how the brakes "feel" because I haven't driven a sprint cup car, but they decel way faster than a M3 can.

OP, if it felt like it "handled like a dump truck" something was wrong with the setup or the tires were frigid or something. They can pull way more g's than a M3, even a M3 on sticky tires.
I've heard this statement from a lot of people involved in NASCAR . Most people involved in GT racing think that NASCAR is "just left hand turns", but those left hand turns ARE in a car with massive horsepower, marginal grip and inadequate brakes/handling. Add to that the "traffic" in corners (a lot of swapping of paint/contact) and you have an entirely different challenge than it would appear on the surface.