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Originally Posted by sycd
Hey guys, I have the following problem (car is 2012 with bluetooth option from factory, streaming from iphone5):

If I'm playing through bluetooth and simply shut the car off, when I turn the car back on, sometimes the bluetooth play doesn't resume. The device stays paused, even though the car shows that it is playing bluetooth. Resuming from the device doesn't help. The only thing that will cause bluetooth to start streaming again in this case is to switch to an other source like the USB stick, wait until it plays, and then switch back to bluetooth.

If I pause the playing before shutting the car off, and if I wait a few seconds after starting the car before resuming, it will then play.

There seems to be some race condition where either the device or CIC are getting confused while trying to resume music too early at startup, and getting each other in this confused state.

Anyone has/had or heard of this problem?
Yes, I have experienced what you have described. I also encounter a situation where I am streaming my music via Bluetooth, it has played numerous songs, I turn off the car, go to work and not play another song until I get back into to the car and the song is the same one it started with; not the 30th song it should be on after the 29 songs I had listened to while driving earlier. It's nuts and drives me crazy. I have a call into the dealership to see if they have a fix. I'll let you know if I hear anything.