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I love it. I own a C6 now and while I love it, the new car is revolutionary for the first time since '84 in every way. The entire design is performance driven, and while it shares a lot of styling cues from other vehicles, that often has to do with function rather than perceived form.

What I didn't like initially was the taillights. It seemed like they took a giant and unnecessary leap away from a traditional Corvette identifier needlessly. When the C6 was introduced with fixed headlights, it angered a lot of people and many C5 owners didn't move forward with the new car. I can see a lot of traditional Corvette owners also not making the leap forward because this car has a lot more departures from traditionalism than any of the previous cars did. All that said, the design has grown on me considerably in just the few short days I've been able to see it. I'll probably buy a 2nd year, depending on how the new performance models look.