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Shit happens. Exactly. It is completely unfortunate that innocent civilians end up in the middle sometimes. But it is war. It has always been like that since the beginning of time. As for the second video, there is a reason why the driver was accidentally killed. He did something to set off what we call an "escalation of force". I am by no means blaming the driver. He may have done something unintentionally such as not stop, or a move considered hostile to the patrol, or something else. No one knows. We were not there.

Put yourself in the soldier's shoes. You have but a fraction of a second to react. You have no idea who is simply out for a drive, or the person behind the wheel has a trunk full of detonators wired to artillery shells, about to kill you, your buddy next to you, and the rest of your squad. You simply do not know. And if they do something out of the ordinary or fail to stop or any of the other possibilities, I will tell you this its going to be either him or me. And it definitely isn't going to be me.