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You guys, this is the absolute epitomy of a modern day NA engine. From the breathing intake side you have an absolutely perfectly engineered intake path of force fed air with both ram features and cold-air features with no MAf and a big MAP sensor able to deal with large amounts and variances of volumes of air. Then you have a smooth wide open intake manifold path with perfectly spaced and sized intake trumpets leading to 8 ITB-an entire intake pack into the cylinders that has no weak spots or points of suffocation or limited air movement. You have the most efficient high compression ratio cylinder/piston setup making the very most out of each compression stroke and then you have the exhaust breathing out some of the best made headers that rival absolutely aNY aftermarket maker and is better than all aftermarket makers and these are oem.

Essentially you have zero weak spots in engine breathing and exhilation, especially when you put high flow cats or catless-the exhaust piping after the catless/HFc is so straight back with virtually no curves or bends the entire 'air pump" of this engine is just absolutely efficient.

The parasitic losses minimized with disconnected alternator and A/C on acceleration, variable output oill pump based on need and super light engine parts to decrease rotating mass and thus preserve parastic losses.

This machine then produces the finest looking power/torque graph out there, no matter what car you look at. Look at ferrari 360 or 430. NOWHERE near as nice of a curve with a flat torque line spanning 6k rpms and a dead straight linear power curve peaking at 8400 and still climbing if more rpms were given.

WIth the only restriction is regular air filter which can be replaced with a drop in aftermarket and the cats which can be removed with high flow cats/catless, and making sure you add enough octane to let it hit its lofty timing targets by using 94 octane or so, you have an engine in this form of 4 litres putting out 450 hp with thos minor breathing changes, cat delete and air filter change.

The advance knock system means it can ride the knock sensor so closely to always maximize the best timing and come as close to hitting max timing targets much more conssitently than a traditional knock sensor which is far less accurate.

Guys this engine is probably pound for pound the best engine ever made from a purely technological/engineering feat and excercise in making an ideal lightweight high revving v8.

I upped redline to 8700, upped timing targets a bit with Ess tune and a naturally aspirated 450 crank hp motor in a 3600 pound car is just a recipe for a huge win-Nothing will ever ever come close to the aural visceral feeling this car delivers. I promise you with each new generation,e videnced by the new m5/6, refinement takes over and those who have loved traditional M cars will realize a huge part of what makes getting into the M every day, is the raw feeling knowing the engineers built us a race bred monster engine inspiried by true racing pedgree-and now that is special.

SO many cars out performs this on a numbers game with forced inejction but pound for pound in NA form-few come close. Its easy to make big power but there is an art to doing it in such a way where the engine sings a song to you, has a certain feeling and creates an entire experience each time you drive that a regular brute turbo motor simply lacks and will never have.