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Don't know how some of the tuners' laptop stuff works now (best to ask them) and whether you can still flash between different tunes....

I just have the flashloader handheld unit that plugs into the OBDII port, which is what tuners used (and some still use) before many migrated to laptop software/cable that plugs directly into the OBDII (you'll have to ask them how it works) As far as the handheld unit is concerned, up to 10 different tunes can be loaded via PC onto the handheld unit (that's where they are stored, NOT on the ECU) and I flash the particular map that I want to the ECU. Like I said takes 10-15 mins. I actually chose the handheld unit vs. the laptop software (both were available to me at the time) because I can flash anywhere/anytime since it is always in the car.

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Good info..Yeah I dont mind using a laptop just wanted to know if there was capability to flash different maps for octane rating on the fly.

So were all the maps loaded onto the ECU or do you switch back and forth within different laptop files.?