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AIM SOLO DL install / PNP wiring DIY

If your unit came without instructions or without pictures, well there you go

The SOLO DL connects to the CANbus of the car. Just two wires. + and -. It's pretty easy stuff but I cannot be held responsible if you screw up your car. I suggest reading this entirely before proceeding, so that you understand what you're doing </disclaimer>

I originally found said two wires on the big DME connector in the engine compartment. Then after some google-ing realized there is a big subconnector below the glove box. Perfect!

1) Disconnect the battery's negative terminal (8mm)

2) Remove the panel underneath the glove box (two T20 and 1 connector)

3) Find blue connector

Unplug it by pressing on the tab in the middle and lifting the white latch

4) Pull out the subconnectors by pressing on the tabs on either side

5) Locate PIN 1 and PIN 2.
PIN 1 is a blue wire with a red strip (CAN+) and PIN 2 a solid red wire (CAN-)

(You will need to remove some factory cloth wrap to see the wires)

6) With a pick tool press on the metal tab of the wire to slide it out of the connector. Undo both wires

7) Connect the PNP harness' red wire in PIN 1 and the blue wire in PIN 2. You do that by just sliding it into the connector all the way until it clicks.

Yes, logic and common sense would want you to connect the red wire where the red wire was and the blue wire where the blue wire was but it's not the case... I tried. Don't mind my chipped connector and my repaired wire -_-

8) Now connect the wires you removed to the supplied (green) connector. Blue to PIN 1. Red to PIN 2. and plug it to the female green connector on the PNP harness.

Red goes to blue, blue goes to red? What?! Logic fails again

9) Time to test your install.
Slide the subconnectors back into the blue connector.
Plug and latch the blue connector.
Reconnect the battery.
Connect the AIM SOLO.
Start the car (FYI if the CANbus is improperly connected it will take longer to start, the dash will be a Christmas Tree and things will be acting up severely ).

Start the SOLO

Everything checks out...Success!

10) Clean up your install. Unplug the SOLO and route its wire however you want it (I routed mine from behind the glovebox)

11) Tug in and secure the wires and harness (zip ties)

12) Reinstall the plastic panel (tabs on either side + light connector+ 2 screws)

13) Enjoy your SOLO!

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