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Oh god, cry me a fucking river. Yeah shit happens. But sitting still in traffic for an american in traffic in Iraq isn't safe, especially if you are in an unfamiliar or known dangerous neighborhood. I think the beginning of the first video may have been a little more aggressive than when my unit was there, but back then some people still liked us.

Let's face it, american soldiers are soldiers. We're not the world's police force. It's something we've tried to do over and over again, and we've never been good at it, and we never will be. Cultures are too different, and we'll never blend in with the local populace there. We train for it day in and day out now adays, but we'll never be as good at it as we want to be. Our Army is best at killing and blowing shit up. If you don't want us to do that, send us home, cuz America's best are dying everyday. In Iraq, the best a soldier can do is try to survive, everything else is second to that one go home. To hell with this crying for them shit. Don't blame the soldiers, blame the politicians.

Tirade over.

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