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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo
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Bro ..... Roman said it best, it's all target based and will self adapt to the set minimum/maximum perimeters, SAFELY.
That's all you need to know but just incase you want to know more The TECH & BENVO are always eager to explain more in Depth

If you set targets that are too high, and you are outside of the DME's programmed adaptable range of retard, then the car will run that timing even though it's knocking. Is a knocking engine safe? No.

There are also 'minimum timing' maps which signify the minimum timing that can be run.

But thanks for chiming in.

Oh, and while you're at it, ask your friend Pencilgeek why he refuses to put my dynos in his dynodb

Originally Posted by Sal@Evolve View Post
You cannot exceed optimal ignition however. No matter what fuel is used.

The ignition targets set by the factory are quite radical to start with for a production car and this is really down to the excellent knock detection system.

The type of fuel is not just restricted to ignition timing....
Absolutely correct.
Explaining something that's simple in circles gets old and annoying .
What I was saying was rather clear until you put on you superhero tuner outfit on and twisted it
When you set parameters you set them within safe range/margin ....

Go ahead have fun twisting this again and show everybody what the new kid on the block can do