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Originally Posted by MrRetep View Post
would you mind elaborating on your experience? I would love to hear from someone that has owned an 800hp GTR first hand.

Yes there are other options, like you said though my 800+ goal narrows it down and my "needs" for a modern car with modern amenities narrows it down even more. Off the top of my head CTS-V, 911 TT, GTR, Corvette. But of those it seems like the CTS-V and GTR would be the easiest to live with day to day. As for the pricing I would rather have a live-able DD for more money. Sure I could pickup a supra and make 1200hp all day long, but how comfortable would I be? probably not very. lol
Sure, to make that kind of power and even have a chance to put it down there is some serious suspension work which gives a trade off on comfort. No matter the money that you spend on suspension it is always going to be harder and less forgiving, which I'm sure you are aware of. I can't speak for you, but I know that, at least in my area, it is a little too stiff to daily it and be comfortable, YMMV. At those power levels you are talking a large amount more money to be dumped into the car. In my case, internals, trans, turbos and all the typical bolt-ons that people have. I have actually started to look at the Alpha 10.

Don't get me wrong, I love the car, it has just become loud, stiff, and expensive. It's way more fun now and if I had to do it over, I would in a heartbeat. I would recommend it to anybody who is willing to take the time and money that it takes to do right as well. People that are trying to half ass everything, end up getting burned in the end. I would also recommend that you have another DD at that point.

All of those cars are good choices, driving each and seeing what you feel best in, and think that you could live with, which I'm sure you know anyways.