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Thumbs up Swift Spring e90 m3

Background: I am typically not a “springs” only type of guy. On my 335 I had a coilover setup. I drive the car 90% daily, regular driving. 10% spirited driving. The m3 on stock suspension with EDC and 19” OEM rims (non-zcp). I added 15mm/12mm spacers in front and rear for improved look. I also added E36 M3 bumpstops (this isn’t required for the install). My main goals were to firm up the ride without making it bouncy or uncomfortable and to improve the stance/look. Both were achieved with these Swift Sports Springs.
Packaging: Springs packaged nicely. Comes with Swift Sticker and License Plate Frame

Measurements were taken from the ground to the edge of the fender for all 4 corners.
Measurements Before
Front Left: 68cm

Rear Left: 66cm

Front Right: 67.5cm

Rear Right: 66cm

Measurements After
Front Left: 66cm
Rear Left: 64.75cm
Front Right: 65.4cm
Rear Right: 65cm

Spring Comparison:

Before Side Profile Shots:

After Side Profile Shots:

Initial Driving Performance & Impression*:
*Note: I only have one day of driving with this set up under my belt. I will update the thread with more feedback once I get more familiar but here is my initial thoughts.
Like stated earlier, this car is my daily driver. Living in southern California, I am exposed to a variety of roads surfaces, therefore my priorities with this set up are in the following order: 1. Comfort 2. Performance 3. Aesthetics
1. Comfort- I feared that having springs only would either make the car bouncy or break my back. I am glad to say so far this isn’t the case. It is slightly firmer than stock but it is nothing unpleasant. Put it this way, it would pass the girlfriend/wife test.
2. Performance- Coming from a 335i with a coilover set up, I noticed that while the m3 felt solid in stock trim, there was a little more body roll than I would like. These springs take care of that and make the car feel a lot more planted while turning. I will update this with more feedback once I get more driving time on some fun roads.
3. Aesthetics- It looks way better. While it doesn’t eliminate all of the wheel gap in the front, I think it is a good medium. It is not super low to the point where you would scrape on everything..

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