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Originally Posted by MrRetep View Post
Don't get me wrong the M3 is a great car, having driven a few of them on track I agree with you. I'm just tired of the whole BMW thing, this is my 3rd one and I want to move to a different platform. I also finally want to build a high horsepower car 800+ and I think a GTR would offer me the ability to do that while still being luxurious/comfortable.
Owning one, and having 792AWHP, it isn't a small amount of cash to get to that point and becomes considerably less comfortable to drive for long distances or every day. Don't get me wrong, stock power levels the thing was an awesome DD, though it got more attention in my small town than I needed. It was certainly nice to get back into something at the end of the day that was still quick, but wasn't as attention grabbing or harsh to drive.

They are very nice and extremely capable cars for the money, but as others have said, for the price you are looking at for one, either new or used, you can find some things that are/aren't BMW, though the getting to 800+ makes that list a little smaller.