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Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
so the only way to get out of paying alimony is if she gets remarried or she disappears right?

Prenups are the way to go.

If you don't pay alimony, i assume it's like any other debt? and simply hurts your credit/goes to collections right?

Find a family member you trust and just give him/her all the cash you get. then claim bankruptcy. Should clear the debt right?

I know nothing about alimonies :/. And hope to never need to find out
I hope you never need to find out about alimony in your like... It is very difficult to get out of alimony, at least in New Jersey as laws varies from one state to another...

In order to get of of alimony :

1 - You should not have any assets on your name. But you can't simply transfer your assets to someone else and claim you have no money! This has be to done gradually and cleverly

2 - You should have low or no income. But you simply can not quit your job and don't get a job or get a very low paying job. You need to to prove to court that you unintentionally lost your job and you are doing everything you can to get a similar paying job but unable to do so.

3 - Another way id to prove to court that your X is making enough money now to provide herself the same standard of living (she lives with someone, or she is making more money than she used...)