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Like anything else in the world there are some common issues which can lead to divorce.
1) MONEY! Money issues will kill a relationship fast!
2) Family! Does your mom hate her or does her mom hate you?
3) Sex! No I’m not kidding! If you are ready to rock and roll every day and she’s a once a month girl….ha ha you are dead!
4) Predisposition to divorce…in the family, her friends or other.

And all these apply to you as a dude! She may be a once a day kind of girl and you may be a once a week kind of guy? You may have issues with your job and be worried about money while she is doing well and you can bring that stress home and blame it on her. And you may come from a whacked out family.

So assuming you have a stable job, come from a good family and match your partners sexual requirements then well things may be ok and there is nothing to worry about.
But as any good investor / gambler (can you tell the difference?) will tell you. You should always make smart bets and if you can’t you should hedge and hedge well.

So in this case the facts are the facts. What you should be looking for is a woman who is educated. Now if you are a high school dropout….forget about it. But if you have a masters she better have at least a bachelors in something slightly more difficult than say communications. This will allow both of you to have a common lexicon to pull from when it comes to communication. I have a masters, I have attempted to date women who have no more than a high school degree. It’s a disaster…ever attempt to explain odds to someone who can’t even do basic math?

Next career. So you can speak a common language but if there are money issues you are screwed! So only marry a woman who is career minded and has worked hard on having a career. This simply means she is a long term thinker and can at some level work and live above the chicken heads and their drama. So if you do hit a tough patch she can see into the future and see that it is just that…temporary. And due to have a stable career she will help with the finances of life.

Athletic. If someone does not care about their body do you think they care about their home or let alone their relationship? Note many of us divorced guys are saying we did the cooking and cleaning…it wasn’t because we liked doing it. Rather we were doing what needed to be done to live in a civilized and clean home. And let’s face it…if she starts packing on the pounds because she is preparing to hibernate for winter…you my friend will not want to fuck that thing and well we have issues.

And you may wish to have a prenup. If you make any real money so that you have some sort of savings and or own assets…have a prenup.