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Originally Posted by caskren View Post
OP sorry to solicit your thread I have a 2012 e92 jerez black with eerything but premium audio and cold weather. you could take over my lease 839 a month with tax. im moving to nyc so i cant keep it
No worries man, yeah as you see now I was looking for a LRE. g/l with the sale...maybe just put it on lease trader etc.

And yes, I did indeed sign the paperwork for an LRE with manual...I will post up pictures tonight or tomorrow. It was dropped off Saturday morning, and I've been loving it! Some say its a rip off, but most of the parts I would have wanted to purchase anyway, so I'm very happy. And I got a good deal (the dealer came down and gave me free shipping etc). I was happy with the outcome.

Appreciate the communities help!