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The back of the new 'vette is just awful in my eyes, but then again that's why it's called personal opinion

I like the overall lines of the C5, it's just very smooth. Didn't say anything about the car itself. Since inception the car has always been about smooth curves. Even in the 80's when most cars were pretty damn square, the 'vette retained the smoothness. The blockiness of the new one makes me think that the damn thing is about to fold out into optimus prime or some shit. The tail-lights add to that; they didn't have to retain the circles, but they could have gone with something less ridiculous. And the exhaust, as mentioned, is god-awful.

Still, it's going to be a great car. All I'm saying is I'm not the biggest fan of the design, same as with a lot of GM cars lately. I like what Ford is doing to reinvent its styling more. I know I'm in a minority, but I'm not alone. A friend who owns a Cobalt SS and just loves just about everything GM was the first to show me the pics, saying "WHAT HAVE THEY DONE!?"

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