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Originally Posted by ONE-77 View Post
If you are thinking GTR now as a DD then IMO an M3 should be something to consider. It's a great DD car as much as its a race car. I was worried about the gas given that I came from an F30 and given that I'm using it as a DD but I don't feel it that much. It's relatively the same to me. The only thing is the great deal of anxiety that comes with this car. I worry about where I'm gonna park, who's parking next to me, etc..
Don't get me wrong the M3 is a great car, having driven a few of them on track I agree with you. I'm just tired of the whole BMW thing, this is my 3rd one and I want to move to a different platform. I also finally want to build a high horsepower car 800+ and I think a GTR would offer me the ability to do that while still being luxurious/comfortable.

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same here.
Have anything in mind?

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Time to quit my sh*tty job and maybe burn a car as personal vendetta
Can I help? I'd love to see how much damage an X5 Security can take before it blows up.