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Originally Posted by canadian stig View Post

My words of wisdom for the day: Next time you're on the highway and feel you need to "yell" for your passenger to hear you, try putting the windows up. Something to do with blocking wind noise at high speeds.
The windows were very much sealed, thank you. Just to make sure I wasn't imagining this, I went to a different dealer and drove another 370Z which drove exactly the same. 2 out of 2 cars, no way it can be a fluke car characteristic.

I jumped back into my Evo and it felt like I was driving a Rolls Royce after experiencing the noise in the 370Z. The Evo is a much more hardcore car. Recaro seats, less sound deadening, hard cheap interior plastics, stiff suspension, super sensitive steering and much faster on track. Yet WAY quieter and more refined than the 370Z. OH, and no overheating driving in 120 degree desert heat lapping 20 minute track sessions all day.

Nissan can do better.