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I think it looks very good! I just can't consider a 2-seater given my family needs.

I feel the weak link in design is definitely the tail lights, but not hideaous. IMO, they should have retained the round Corvette tails. People are saying they are seeing a lot of Viper in this latest Vette, but keep in mind the latest Viper is taking cues from Ferrari and this Vette is no different.

Both Viper and this Vette moved from more horizontal headlights to a more vertical design much like the F-cars have. The most obvious and biggest change is the C-pillar area IMO. Corvette has maintained the C-pillar-LESS all glass design for generations and now there is a C-pillar that mimics the one seen on Ferraris. I know imitation is the ultimate form of, well you know the saying, but I doubt Ferrari is "flattered".

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