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First Time Detailing w/ PC7424XP

I've been a long time follower on this site and have been amazed at the work that some of you and the pros do. I wanted to see if I could get similiar results as my detailings in the past did not involved a DA tool. I've used Zaino in the past.

I finally chalked it up and decided to buy a PC 7424XP with the followings: Meguairs M105 and M205, Blackfire All Finish Paint Protection, Blackfire Midnight Sun Ivory Carnauba Paste Wax, Lake Country orange, white, blue, and black pads, and Meguairs DA 5in backing plate.

I was going to wait until Spring to do. However, we had a couple of good warm days in Southern Ohio this past weekend so I decided to make an attempt as my car had some swirl marks from dealer washing it against my wish. I typically do my own wash and use the two bucket system.

My steps were as follow:
1. Wash
2. Clay bar
3. Taped the car
4. Polish with M105 using orange pads
5. Polish with M205 using white pads
6. Sealed with Blackfire all finish paint protection using blue pad
7. Wax with Blackfire sun ivory carnauba paste wax.

Thoughts: It took me a total of about 8hrs as I was being very careful given my first time using the PC. The PC took a little while to get used to. I can say my arms and whole body is pretty sored. I don't know how you pros do it all day but I give you much respect. M105 and M205 is great stuff and took care of any swirls. Blackfire sealant is simply amazing. It was easy on and easy off and the wetness look is unbelievable along with the smooth feel touch. Blackfire wax added additional depth and gloss to the car. Overall, it was a great experience, long but well worth it. I gain a much better appreciation for those that do this.

I took a couple photos on my iPhone of the finish product. Apologize for the crappy iPhone photo.