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But you have taken many photos of the girls right?

You know you have to feel bad for the tubbies…..yeah so they went through high school looking like poop and well not being able to get any guys attention and just being the “token” fatty for all of the hot girls.
Then they stumble and roll into engineering school where it’s 90% dicks and 10% chicks of which a good 90% of said chicks look worse and smell worse than them.
And then they suddenly feel “pretty”! Mind you they haven’t lost any weight or anything…it’s just economics kicking in…and she is getting dates left and right and all of a sudden she thinks that things are all turning her way….
But then truth being self evident it comes in and like R Kelly just takes a big fat piss on her in the form of very cute very giggly very attractive booth babes.

Yeah fatties you may push and you may shove….and fall down due to being out of breath but in the end…any man any where…(with the exception of engineers, gang bangers and an odd number of Latinos)….will always go for the skinny hot chick over the rolley polley any day!