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Originally Posted by CanAutM3 View Post
I use PSS as my DD tires and wet track tires. NT01s are my dry track tires. So here's my opinion:

The NT01 is a great track tire with pretty decent grip, reasonable wear, good at the limit predictability and excellent heat cycling resistance. It is not the grippiest tire out there, but it is a reasonable compromise. On the dry, it is 1 to 2 seconds faster on a 2 minute circuit compared to the PSS. However, in my opinion, the NT01 really suck in the wet, standing water or not. Especially if it is relatively cold. In this case, I am 1-2 seconds faster with the PSS in the wet compared to the NT01.

The PSS is reasonable as a dry track tire, with decent grip and predictability. However, when you push it hard and put heat into them, they degrade extremely fast. They almost seem to melt away. If you are getting reasonably fast as a driver, you will find that they do not last long on a dry track. I find them excellent in the rain though. When they were new, I could follow 4WD drive cars (STi, Evo, R8) in heavy rain without too much struggle.

Originally Posted by Sleeper519 View Post
^^ This. totally agree.

Get the NT-01s, you'll love em. I have PSS for my DD and use them for wet track tires but I've stopped pushing the car real hard in the rain, just don't need to do that anymore.

But with the Nittos I dropped 2 seconds immediately, and with the 275 square setup you get much more neutral handling and the ability to rotate the car = loads of fun.
Ditto ditto.

Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
Question, do your NT01s make a loud and annoying humming sound when you get above 70-80 mph?
Yep. It's a very characteristic sound, and one of many reasons why you wouldn't want to run NT01s on the street/highway as your daily drivers. It's such a distinct sound that I identified it from a track video on here a few months back. Another member posted a track video, but didn't include any info about his setup in the message or his signature, and I heard that distinct sound I've listened to for two seasons now. I replied, "Are you running NT01s?" "Yes. How did you know?"
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