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tip for success?
1) Prenup
2) Don't marry a woman who is uneducated
3) Don't marry a woman who does not have a career
4) Don't marry a woman unless you have lived with her for a solid 2 years

And remember if it goes to shit, and there is a good 50/50 chance it will.
Society will blame you the the man for the failure.

You cleaned the house and made dinner every night because she did not know how or wanted to? How dare you? It's your fault because you took away her sense of responsibility?

You paid for her education and backed her up and supported her in improving her mind? How dare you? Was she not smart enough for you?

She cheated on you? How dare you? Not fulfill all of her whims and be there every second that she wanted you there?

And what gets's one thing to hear this shit from women....because let's face it a woman can crash her car into a crowed of people killing dozens while she is putting her make up on while driving and other women will blame the crowed for getting in her's when bros throw you under the bus and blame you....even if they are your best friend or so you thought...that pisses me off to no end. I know I hold the notion of being a Bro very close to my heart. A friend is going through tough times..I'm judgement at all...I'm there!

If you are going through a divorce or have survived one, don't talk to any one who has not been married....they will think you are lying. Don't talk to any one young...they just don't get it. And for the love of GOD don't you dare talk to anyone who is married..for in the eyes of a married man...a divorced friend is like a walking pathogen.

As for me, yup got the note via a text. And no I nor any one of my friends or family had any idea what was coming. Perhaps her family did but they didn't tell me.