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Originally Posted by Purple Derple View Post
What I mean is all those turns that you have to mid track through. I counted 9 compromise corners in a row from turn 2 to 10. What that means is 1) no rest 2.) if you mess up one of those corners the whole section is blown 3.) even though the track is wide, passing in here is difficult and will hurt your lap time so slower divers will bog you down 4.) its kind of ticky-tacky with one corner blending into the next over and over and over. Similar to the complaint many drivers have of Hungaroring F1 track--they say its like a glorified kart track.
I disagree with that. There is definitely some speed potential through there. It is a long section of turns strung together but its two totally different rhythms between 3-5 and 6-9 The key is T9 but there's a lot more speed in 3-5 than what you see in my video. The challenging part is the turn in to T3. I think the unique aspect here is if you mess up T3, you're still fine for T4 but you'll be in not so great shape for T5. I like that...its different. Then T6-9 is a slower section with trail braking and late apexes. Honestly, that is probably the most boring section of the track relatively speaking.

Originally Posted by signes View Post
Two other questions: How was the run up to Turn 1? And is turn 2 (apart from just being downhill) off camber?

For reference for others, some interesting times:

Pole for USGP: 1:35.657 (Vettel)
Pole for Ferrari Challenge: 2:16.36
The hardest part about T1 was the braking zone because you scrub so much speed from the hill I was always braking way too much. Part of it was I REALLY didn't want to go off, we were all on a short leash. I felt like I had an easy .5 second in that braking zone alone.

T2 is looks off camber when you come down the hill. Looks flat in the video. But I never got that sensation where the car was pushing to the outside. I'd have to look at it more or walk the track to be sure. I was more concerned with not getting too far track left so I could set up for T3.

Originally Posted by aus View Post
Thanks for the show OP.

Did you try the StopTech track pads this event?

No. It rained in the morning and I started with the Pagid yellows. I was going to swap in the stoptechs when I got to the track just to try them but I ran out of time.
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