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Here is my follow up:

Parts started to come in but due to holidays a few things were delayed. But that was ok gave me time to fab up some of my own mods.
As I said the car was actually very clean from the get go but I was in the mood to really fix it up.
First I pulled the center console from the radio to the back seat. I sprayed the front section with plasti-dip. It worked really well If I do say.

the rest I just got some paint matched up at the paint store and put in to aerosol so I could re-spray the beige parts.

I was looking for a set of Chrome Grills but really didn't want to pay $100 so this is what I came up with.
a. go to local sign maker ask for chrome vinyl scrap
b. get out a good movie, and few beers
c. using a scalpel and A LOT of time, DIY it

Final outcome.

I found a set of gauge rings that were very inexpensive from DDM Tuning so I got them when I ordered my corners. Not a bad update it only took about 10 min to complete.

Next I got a hold of a backlit 5sp knob and a new shift boot

Oh and if you ever plan on selling your car please think of the next person, the previous owner must have had the knob slide off a couple if times so they used epoxy to glue it on. There for I had to cut it off with a bone saw.

these are the clear corners that came in last week, along with eall the other parts.

The Headlights are the last thing to get here and they are scheduled for tomorrow. My next update will be the big unveiling I have the paint shop booked for this thursday, and hopefully ill have time to put my springs on before then. Here is the teaser shots.

So far here is the total cost of the budget beater.
Car: 1000
Mtech Front: 179
wheels and tires: 200
shift boot: 12
shift knob: free
grill work: free
depo HID headlights with Angel eyes: 379
clear corners: 15
clear side marker: 10
guage rings: 5
Total to date $1800

Check Back soon for the final result
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